Pure Lead / Refined Lead Ingots


AADISHAKTI Metal Recycling is the one of the largest, most diversified manufacturers of Lead in India. We offer this product to esteemed clients as per client specifications at industry leading price, using cutting-edge technology to ensure a dross-free and smooth top surface.

We produce Pure Lead Ingots from Raw Lead Bullions, Re-melted Lead Ingots, Secondary Lead Ingots/Lead Scraps, with purity levels ranging from 99.97% to 99.985%. We ship 42 ingots in one striped bundle after staking.

Our Plant is having four Refining Kettles with a capacity of 50 MT, 40 MT, 70 MT, 15 MT and 2MT. Automatic Ingot Casting Machine casts 10 MT ingots per hour.

We follow stringent quality measures that make us win new customers in an increasingly competitive global market place. We keep on identifying areas for improvement, at every stage of manufacturing process to provide our customers with the best value for their money.

Specification Of Refined Lead / Pure Lead

Elements Symbol Composition in %
Antimony Sb 0.001 (max)
Arsenic As 0.001 (max)
Tin Sn 0.001 (max)
Copper Cu 0.001 (max)
Bismuth Bi 0.015 (max)
Iron Fe 0.001 (max)
Nickel >Ni 0.001 (max)
Silver Ag 0.003 (max)
Zinc Zn 0.001 (max)
Calcium Ca 0.0005 (max)
Sulphur S 0.001 (max)
Aluminum Al 0.0005 (max)
Selenium Se 0.0005 (max)
Cadmium Cd 0.0005 (max)
Tellurium Te 0.0010 (max)
Lead Pb 99.970 (min)
Our primary USPs includes on-time delivery, competitive price, reliable test results and material that strictly adhere to customer specifications.


The company was established in 1994 and is a Registered Recycler of Hazardous Lead Waste, committed to environmental sustainability and safe manufacturing and recycling practices.